GA - Bilbao

tours guided by architects

Since 2006 GA BiLBAO has been offering professionally guided tours of the architectural highlights and urban developments of Bilbao, the Basque country and the Rioja wine area.

All our guides are architects who live and work in the area. Objective information about the topic is completed with personal working experience in the local construction sector. Our tours are given from an architect´s point of view to make the tours as informative as possible.

where to go

We offer guided tours in the Basque country and its surroundings with five main destinations: Bilbao, San Sebastian, Vitoria, Pamplona and the Rioja wine area. 

find “your“ tour

Find out what fits best - according to your time and interest: we offer the five classic one-day tours to the four main Basque cities and one to the Rioja wine area, three classic half-day tours in Bilbao including its outskirts and multi-day tours that combine various cities, aspects and destinations.

For special interests we offer a broad variety of custom tours: with our Premium tours we offer tours that are tailored to your special interest, VIP tours offer you a special treatment in rather small groups or for indivduals with tight schedules or very special requests. Architecture & wine tours are the perfect combination of wine and architecture and belong to our favourites.

Additionally we can offer Mini tours for small groups that can move quickly, incentives and lectures as well as  architecture walks in Bilbao with online bookings for individuals that join a group up to 20 persons.